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"Tales of a Thousand+1 Punnes" (2004)

Erratic Elephant Entertainment has just finished work on their second movie, 'Tales of a Thousand+1 Punnes'.

September 1st

TOTP available for download

After the succesful premiere of Tales of Thousand+1 Punnes at the Discworld convention 2004, you can now download the movie!

See our download page.

The movie file is quite large, so please be patient with the download. If you are on a slow connection, don't forget:

Tales of Thousand+1 punnes will also be available as a DVD release, with many extras including a Director's commentary and Scratch!

August 18th

TOTP has gone gold: The disc containing the movie has been finished. Official premiere of TOTP will be at the Discworld convention, where (if possible) we will show it in the Odium.

Soon, a version of the movie will be downloadable from this website. We are also thinking about a special VCD/DVD version with behind the scene materials and extras.

July 4th

It's official: we are in post-production! Finished shooting the last scene yesterday, after a full shooting weekend last week. We are now preparing a rough cut to confirm we are going in the right direction. Some more editing, rendering, and of course a sound track, and we'll be there...

April 4th

Hey, we're still alive! Last weekend turned out to be very productive and we are very happy with the results.

Several things were done. We started with some general movie preparations, including the planning of the remaining scenes to be shot. With some careful planning we should be able to squeeze all the scenes for which we need actors in three days.

After the planning we proceded on preparations for the next days shoot. A few weeks we already did some location scouting so the scene taking place there was to be shot together with two others which could be combined in one dat shooting. Some props were made and some last bits of script writing happened so our actors would know what to say the next day.

Shooting day: Three scenes to be shot. The first one conveniently taking place at a breakfast table which combined nicely with our needs for food. Afterward two scenes had to be shot on location. Despite people being unable to read a train time tables (no, not our actors, just people we didn't need in the scene at that moment) and some accidents to our props (okay, afterward it was quite hilarious) we are very content with the results. We were able to do everything we planned to do and we are quite happy with the actual footage. (Hah, that's before we have tried to piece everything together in post production, we still have to see about how good it actually is) Also important, we just had a great day.

Two shooting days remaining!

And to wet your apetites

A bit to the right please. One of the on location shots.

One of the more scenic train stations in the Netherlands, ahem.

The first moving images. As they say, fun was had by all.

In other news, equipment update: We now have a second tripod, more lights and a decent microphone. As for the chromakeying software mentioned in the previous update: It turns out that there is actually home-budget special effects stuff made by CSB-Digital, see their website fxhome.com. Bluescreen post production is getting along quite nicely.

January 18th

A new year, and we are now definitely past the original planned release date. Do we mind? Yes, in a way. But we do want Two to be better than one by quite a bit. So rather then rushing things, we've taken the time we need to adjust the script (from an initial, very much in-crowd story it has developed into something that is much broader). And today we've done our first bluescreen shots, taking our technical abilities another step further. They seem to have worked, judging by initial editing. However, chromakeying is something that is definitely lacking in home-budget software.

Plans for the next shoot are already made, probably in february. So we are definitely advancing, and have made arrangements to pace up a bit.

October 20th

Yesterday we canned the kitchen scene, which means that two of the three key moments are now filmed. We're not there yet though, as we really depend on the availability of our (volunteer) actors. As it looks now, unless we can get everybody together for at least three whole days in november/december, the initial target release date will slip.

October 18th

We have planned another shooting day for tomorrow. Inside shooting of the scene we haven't been able to shoot on August 17. After the stressful period at work and the holidays we're now back into full mode.

One addition to our gear is an external microphone, hopefully solving our sound problems.

September 24th

Last weekend, we spent some time editing the footage we have. Most of the CCDE footage has now been edited into a workable state, though we will still have to do some tuning.

We also have some teaser pictures, taken from the footage we shot on August 17th.

Shoulder shot on some extras. We're not sure whether we're going to use this shot yet as we will have to sort out payment to the extras...

Behind the Scenes: Martin holding the clapper board for Camera 1 (operator: Patrick).

Screenshot. This one will probably end up in the movie (actors: Rolf, Olaf, Edmund, Uwe).

August 29th

From preliminary cutting, I can say the scenes we shot at CCDE went quite well. A pity we only have one camera angle, but the footage itself is usable enough.

August 17th

Today was our third shooting day, after August 2nd and 3rd. The scenes we shot went quite well, but we only shot two out of the three scenes we had planned. This was due to the incredible dialogue writing capabilities Eelco developed after being fed some excellent whisky.

Major setback was the fact that Eelco's tape was rewound when we started shooting, which means we lost all his CCDE footage. Dumb of us not to check this, but I think we learned...

August 7th

August 2nd was our first shooting day! We shot three scenes over the weekend at the Clarecraft Discworld event. We are quite thrilled about being on the way and hope to be able to premiere the finished movie on January 10th, 2004.

July 14nd

There is now a plot outline including possible scenes. We are currently working out the scenes and extending them into a usable script.

You can contact us on this address