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About us

Who are we?

Erratic Elephant Entertainment (or EEE in short) was founded by accident when Eelco Giele and Patrick Dersjant were waiting for a train and decided it would be a Good Thing to make a movie. A movie obviously needs to be produced by a company with a nifty name and an even niftier logo. Two brainwaves later, the decision to use the blue little elephant Eelco had in his luggage was taken. The rest is history.


Yes. You're right. The whole point of this page was to tell our history, not to put a sentence in like 'The rest is history'. Therefor we will go back a little more.

At the time of the founding of EEE, both of us were involved in a fan movie project called 'Maskerade'. We were of the opinion that we needed some small scale experience before taking on such a large project. Scratch was that small scale experience, which went from the very first idea to (almost) finished cut in four working days (more information on the Scratch page).

Shortly after completing Scratch, the 'Maskerade' project fell apart, before reaching the shooting stage. We decided to continue on our own, as we had a lot of fun creating Scratch. It took a while, but in 2003 we started on 'Tales of a Thousand+1 Punnes', or as we called it, Two, which we finished in august 2004.

You can contact us on this address