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Making amateur movies since 2000

Welcome to the Erratic Elephant Entertainment website. On this site you will find information about us, our movies and our movies to be.

Jan 11th, 2006

We have hit a little glitch, which is a severe lack of actors. We are hard at work trying to solve this. In the mean time a mailinglist has been set up. On it, we will be discussing movie related stuff like schedules etc. Untill we have solved the actor shortage, it will probably be fairly quiet. See http://lists.stack.nl/mailman/listinfo/erraticelephant-film for subscription information.

Nov 19th, 2005

Ok, it is official. We are starting the project, here you find a slightly modified version of the announces we sent out.

Running Gungan, Hidden Sith

As a young boy enrolls at Unseen University, interesting times await the Discworld. A Sith Lord tries to take it over, Death catches a throat infection and the wizards are always good for some wholesale confusion and destruction. But everyone agrees on one thing: Jar Jar Must Die.

Guess what? The Erratic Elephant is being ridden again, it is time to make another movie.

And we are going to do it the new and improved way. Little details like that stack of paper called "a script" have been taken care of, all 28 pages of it. As you might have guessed from the above blurb, it will be a Star Wars/Discworld crossover. But wait, there is more. Not only is there a script, there is a budget (although tiny). And equipment. And two highly motivated producers/directors. We even have, oh shock and horror, a planning. Inadequate as it may be, but we at least think we know when we're doing what.

Only one thing is still lacking:


We need actors and crew.

Who are we looking for: Basically, anyone interested in joining us. There are only two major requirements:

1: We want commitment. We don't mind if you you are severely limited in time. However, if you say you are going to do something we expect you to do it. Same holds for actors. We will set up a shooting schedule taking everyones agenda in account. Afterward, remember that if you say you are going to be there, we expect you to be there[1].

2: This is going to be a Dutch production. This means that, although the movie will be in English, it will be shot in the Netherlands. You will have to travel to us. Also, from our tiny budget we won't be able to reimburse travel costs to locations, though we may be able to give some people rides in between the equipment.

We also have some notes on these requirements:

1: You would like to act, but can probably only be there once or twice (we expect 4 to 5 shooting weekends (each 2 days), throughout january to april). Don't worry: We are planning our shooting days so we can concentrate the scenes with certain roles in as few days as possible. You can have a (named) role and still be required for only one shooting day. Also, we need extra's. we will probably be able to fit you in.

2: You would like to help, but can probably only be there once or twice. Again, don't worry: we need crew. We can definitely use you.

3: You can't come over but would like to help out. Well, there are some things which can be done remote. Design stuff, maybe costume stuff. Certain props can travell by mail or even email. Also, this is just our third movie. Anyone willing to coach with directing, stage fighting or other movie making related skill is more than welcome to mail us.

As always, we will try to combine shooting days with meets.

Enough of the details. If you want to know more, see our previous achievements or just want to stay up to date, point the webbrowser of your choice to http://www.erraticelephant.nl

If you think or simply just know you are of value to us: Don't hesitate to contact us: eelco@erraticelephant.nl and patrick@erraticelephant.nl

We hope to hear from you soon.

Patrick and Eelco

[1] We know we are not professionals, and real life shit does happen. It is amazing what you can achieve with some clever framing in case of an emergency. There are however limits which is why we limit it to actual emergencies.

Sept 22nd, 2005

Whoops, I already thought I upgraded the website. Anyway: The script is finished. It is now being revised by Patrick while I have started with all the other script related preparations. Stuff like: which actor is in what scene. We are getting there.

Jun 21st, 2005

The story for the new movie is now officially finished and I have started converting it to a script. As always in these matters, not everything can be translated 1 on 1 so the conversion will take another two to three weeks. A rough estimate is that the script will run approximately 40 pages.

Honouring old traditions, the working title will, for the time being, be "Three". Before you start wondering about our creativity, we actually did have a different working title. The problem is it gives something of the plot away and we are not yet sure of if we want it to. Therefore, for the time being, you'll have to settle for "Three".

May 31st, 2005

Whow, that was a long time since we had an update on this website. What has been happening? Well, lots of stuff. The short version of it is: life happened. Some good, some bad. But those weren't the only things. We have been busy getting things more professional. Money changed hands and several pieces of equipment got upgraded. Things have improved a lot and we might now even get confused with people who actually know what they are doing. See our new equipment page for it.

Far less visible other things happened, like practicing script writing and soaking up huge amounts of information about film making. There is one minor project with a finished script which I hope to tape in the not to distant future. More exciting is that since slightly over a week a new story has been in the making. Jeroen Metselaar (who can also be admired as one of the actors in TOTP) is kind enough to put his creative energy in a new story. The only things I am going to say about it for now are that it is going to be a fan movie and, from experience, that it is very funny. As soon as things get in shape, we'll start releasing blurbs and maybe even some small stuff from during the shoot.

That's it for now.

September 1st, 2004

Tales of a Thousand+1 Punnes is finished and available for download.

Other information available on this website includes our previous movie and some history on Erratic Elephant Entertainment.

We last modified this website on Sunday, Sept 22nd, 2005

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